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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Cleaning, disinfecting and filling with canal filling materials of veins and nerve residues that have undergone inflammatory change in the canals of the tooth as a result of cracks and fractures in the teeth due to trauma, caries that occur in cases where oral care is insufficient, wrong treatment processes, incorrect restorations, and the loss of vitality of the nerves and vessels in the tooth. It is called root canal treatment.

When should root canal treatment be done?

Root canal treatment may be required in cases where tooth decay has progressed to the nerve of the tooth, in cases where fractures involving the nerve of the tooth occur as a result of trauma, in cases where the tooth loses its vitality as a result of excessive force on the tooth, to relieve the sensitivity caused by advanced wear on the teeth.


What are the symptoms?

Pain that will cause you to wake up, especially at night (if you lie down without brushing your teeth, it should be distinguished from the pain that can be caused by food residues in the mouth,) Hot and cold sensitivity in your teeth (especially in heat), If there is pain during eating, color change in your teeth as a result of the death of the nerves due to the deterioration of the nutrition of the tooth, Abscess formation, swelling on your face, or in some cases, the need for root canal treatment can be determined with the attention and experience of the physician.

how make is root treatment?

The physician starts the treatment by applying anesthesia when he deems it necessary. In some pulp (living part of the tooth) inflammations, anesthesia is not required, the tooth is dead and no pain is felt. The caries is cleaned and the nerves of the tooth are reached. The nerves and tissues in the root of the tooth are cleaned. The root canal is shaped up to the root tip. The treatment can be done or in treatments that last for several sessions. Dressing is done with drugs that will heal the root and the root tip between sessions. At the end of the root canal treatment, the canal is filled up to the root tip with special filling materials.

Will there be pain between sessions while the root canal treatment continues?

After the treatment, there may be a slight pain and sensitivity in the tooth, especially during chewing. It is okay to use a mild anti-inflammatory drug for a few days after treatment.


Does the tooth need to be extracted as a result of inflammation in the tooth?

In advanced cases, if the treatment is delayed too long, this possibility may be in question. Your doctor will inform you about this.


Is it necessary to use antibiotics in dental infections?

Under normal conditions, there is no need to use antibiotics during root canal treatment. However, in the presence of advanced infection or hypersensitivity in the tooth, antibiotics can be given.


Are teeth treated with root canal treatment more fragile?

As a result of root canal treatment, the tooth becomes more fragile as it loses its vitality. Veneer teeth should be preferred after treatment, as there is a lot of material loss in teeth undergoing root canal treatment and they become more fragile.


What is root canal treatment repeat?(  retreatment)

The success rate of root canal treatments performed under sterile conditions is between 90-95%. If there is residual nerve tissue that is not cleared during the treatment, the root canal filling and the upper filling  In cases where it is not done adequately, if the filling made into the canal due to the leakage of microorganisms into the canal, the formation of perforation or fractures during the treatment, trauma or caries, has come into contact with the saliva for a long time, the root canal treatment should be repeated. We can understand a failed root canal treatment by the symptoms of toothache, spontaneous pain, swelling and redness at the root tip. Unsuccessful root canal treatment is renewed and the treatment is repeated. If this procedure is insufficient, apical resection is applied, the root tip is surgically reached, the infection is cleared and closed. If the root canal treatment is repeated and surgical intervention is insufficient, the tooth may need to be extracted.

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