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Pink Aesthetics (Gum Aesthetics)  


The most important element in an aesthetic smile in people is the gums. The presence of gums that will be compatible with these teeth is also required. Aesthetic studies performed on the gums are called pink aesthetics. Among the elements that complement dental aesthetics, the healthy gums, their color and the level of the gums with the teeth come to mind. The first step in obtaining a pleasant, clean and harmonious smile consists of ensuring the necessary harmony between teeth and gums. In order to call the gum healthy, it should be light pink in color, adhere tightly to the tooth and bone, and have a shiny and rough appearance resembling an orange peel. The aim of the treatments in aesthetic dentistry is to provide a perfect smile. Gum aesthetics is very important for a perfect smile.

To make a pleasant smile, teeth, gums,  jaw  and the lips must be in harmony. Depending on the existence of the problem in gingival aesthetics, different operation methods can be used. While the gums that appear excessively while smiling are being shaped, some gums also need to be reduced a little.

Before aesthetic interventions on the gums, the gum must be healthy. With the appearance of healthy gums, it should be pink in color, its surface should be slightly rough and non-bleeding. When the swollen, red and bleeding gums are present, the gum must be treated before treatment. First of all, it may be necessary to apply different treatments such as cleaning the calculus and gingival curettage.

How to make pink aesthetic?

During the pink aesthetic smile, the imaginary line passing through the gums located at the top of the two teeth in the middle in the front is provided by lightly touching the lip. It should be placed in accordance with a certain form between the gums and other teeth in the mouth. In some cases, although the teeth look perfect in terms of form and arrangement, due to the irregularity of the gingiva, the harmony is disturbed during the smile, resulting in a bad appearance. In some cases, the alignment of the teeth may be problematic, not just in the gums. In this case, the gums should be corrected first, and then other treatments should be completed. Even minor corrections to pink aesthetics give excellent results in some cases.

In some cases, because the gums are receding, the root surfaces become visible and the dental crown appears too long. In this case, it is necessary to add a little to the gums. A gingival graft is placed to close the root surface. In this way, both the health of the teeth and gums are obtained, and the necessary process is carried out to provide an aesthetic appearance.

Determining the factors that cause recession in the gums is a very important precaution to prevent the recurrence of recession. Some people brush their teeth with very hard movements or some teeth clenching.  can cause receding gums.

As a result, only the interventions to the teeth may not be sufficient in the operations performed for aesthetic purposes. After a good examination in the mouth, the procedures to be done should be determined. These must be followed and completed in a certain order. Perfect prosthetic restorations should be completed by providing a healthy and symmetrical image in the gingiva. Today, the innovations brought by technology have led to the emergence of many inventions to be used in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Among these  bonding   and laminate applications of teeth, enamel and dentin  long-lasting and aesthetic appearances by being more firmly attached to anatomical structures such as  can provide. Empress porcelains  Thanks to the zirconium-supported porcelains, an aesthetic appearance can be achieved thanks to its durability.


Swelling and bruising caused by gingivitis are among the most common problems in the gums. After the treatment to be applied for these, the person  to oral care  Taking care and paying attention to hygiene will help solve this problem.  will be. With the help of laser treatments, the treatment process is shortened and the probability of recurrence of this problem is reduced. After mechanical cleaning of the gums, bacteria called pockets with laser and causing discomfort in the gums are easily cleaned from here.

The situation where the gums appear too much during smiling is defined as a gummy smile. When the smile design is made in the person, the excesses in the gums are determined. These excesses are brought to the appropriate level with the help of laser or cautery in a comfortable and painless way and without any bleeding. The use of laser in this procedure both reduces bleeding during the surgical procedure and shortens the healing process in the gums.

Recessions may occur in the gums due to inflammation or the effect of aging. The biggest problem in this regard is the black spaces that occur between the teeth. Depending on the recession in the gums, the appearance of the teeth as if they are elongated creates an aesthetically negative appearance. In this case, gingiva is added to the patients and the empty spaces formed by the recession are closed. Advances in surgical techniques make this treatment method more successful.

If people are especially dark brown, the natural light pink appearance of the gingiva becomes darker due to melanin pigmentation. Such discolorations are successfully removed with a laser treatment lasting 15 minutes.

If the problem of showing the gums while smiling continues despite the surgical applications, when botox is applied to two points under the nostril, the gums can be prevented from appearing in this way without a change in expression, with the upper lip falling down a little.

If the teeth are not cleaned adequately and properly, the food residues accumulated between the teeth will produce bacteria. Such accumulations, called bacterial plaque, cause both tooth decay and gingivitis, causing tartar formation on the teeth. In addition, microorganisms that will reproduce in the bacterial plaque may cause adverse effects such as recession in the gums. As botox is applied in gingival recessions, people should pay attention to dental hygiene, brushing teeth and using dental floss in order to keep teeth and gums healthy. Botox applications, which create aesthetic miracles in all areas of the body, are among the applications that help in eliminating the defects in the gums in the field of pink aesthetics.


Regeneration -Physiological regeneration  These procedures are performed in order to stimulate the body's own production mechanisms and rebuild the supporting tissues that have been destroyed due to periodontal disease. In appropriate cases, the affected tissues are removed and new support structures are created by using membrane, tissue stimulating proteins or bone grafts.

Gingivectomy:  This method is the process of removing the excess gingiva in the gingival enlargement and in the areas where deep pockets are formed. Then, the gingival contours are corrected as necessary, the gingiva is put into a physiological form and an aesthetic appearance is provided.

Gingivoplasty: With this operation, excessively visible gingiva or asymmetric gingival level is corrected. Since local anesthesia is applied to the patients, necessary corrections are made without feeling any pain. Fully applied if necessary  porcelain laminate  or metal-free zirconium porcelains provide a more aesthetic appearance.

Crown lengthening:  If there is excessive tissue loss in the teeth, if the decay extends under the gum, the crown length of the teeth is extended, the excess gum tissue is removed and the bone is reshaped. In this way, the teeth are given a longer appearance.

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