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Things to consider after implant and surgical procedures


Apply the cold compress given to you intermittently, not exceeding 5 minutes. Cold compress is given to prevent edema formation, but applying it for more than 5 minutes may reduce blood circulation, so problems such as inability to feed the tissues may occur. It should be interrupted and then reapplied. If you take a long break, do not apply again. Cold should not be applied after the first day.

Cold Compress


After the implant, start the antibiotic and painkiller prescribed by your doctor immediately, start the mouthwash the next day of the operation and use it regularly until the drugs are finished.

Eating and drinking

Milk and dairy products should not be consumed until the stitches are removed (the stitches should be removed within 7-10 days).

Soft and warm foods should be consumed on the first day.

After the operation, do not pull your mouth to see the operation area, this movement will cause the stitches to open.

Smoking negatively affects osteointegration, which is the adhesion of the implant to the bone.  It should not be smoked because it affects the effect of smoking. Implant losses due to smoking are not covered by the warranty.



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