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All dentists have the necessary knowledge and skills about cross infections.

Temizlik Ürünleri
Elbow Greeting
Maskeli Moda
Social Distancing
El hijyeni
Koruyucu maske ile kadın
Covid 19

 After the covid-19 cases started to be seen in our country, our patients and their environment are constantly asked for information about our precautions in the clinical environment. It should be known that the dentistry profession is at the very beginning of the risk of cross-infection and strict training is provided in our universities. Our dentists are conscious and successful in preventing the spread of infection.

  Dentists, who do not compromise on sterilization and disinfection even in normal times, use the world's most reliable sterilization devices called autoclaves for sterilization and no non-sterile tools and materials are used.  Even materials such as fabric and glass can be sterilized at 135 degrees and high pressure. Most of the materials used in the examination rooms are disposable and destroyed.

All surfaces other than these are constantly cleaned with antiseptic materials, and virus and bacteria disinfection is carried out periodically by a professional team (alde spraying).

In line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health

The periods between appointments have been extended, and maximum attention has been paid to ambient ventilation. 

In addition to the previous measures in our clinic, after each patient, the clinic is disinfected with UVC lamps and sprayed with a UVL machine after each shift.

 To control the epidemic,   It is possible to prevent contamination, so our clinic is working with the following measures . Precautions are for everyone. DO NOT EXPECT PRIVILEGES.

Patients who do not wear a mask to completely cover their nose are not accepted. It is obligatory to wear a mask during the treatment period, including the waiting room.

Companions are not accepted.

No patient examination and treatment is performed without an appointment.

Appointments are made by phone.

The person with an appointment cannot bring a second person for examination or treatment.

Patients are admitted to the clinic at most 10 minutes before the appointment time.

Treatment of the patient with fever is delayed.

Face-to-face consultation service is not provided. (You can ask your questions via WhatsApp at 05321386850)

When deemed necessary, the HEPP code can be requested.


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