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If there is a hollow part on the aching tooth, there may be food residues in it. Gargle with a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Definitely use a toothpick etc. Do not tamper with. However, never touch the gums. It has an irritating feature. You can take a pain reliever that will not touch your stomach. Do not apply alcohol, cologne, raki, etc. to the painful area. Do not apply any substance.



Tooth Fracture

If possible, the broken piece should be found, wrapped in a clean gauze cloth, stored in physiological saline or milk, and the dentist should be visited urgently. The broken piece can be adhered to the tooth so that the loss of substance in your tooth is minimal.

Bleeding After Tooth Extraction


It is normal to bleed from the extraction site in the form of leakage for 4-6 hours and to make your saliva pink. For mouthful bleeding that starts 1-2 hours after extraction, contact your doctor immediately. You can control the bleeding by biting a sterile gas pad for half an hour. If blood comes from the fracture area, Moderate pressure should be applied to the bleeding area with a clean gauze or cheesecloth.

If the tooth is completely dislodged


After the erupted tooth is found and washed with saline solution, it should be placed in its place by holding it by the body part. It should never be held by the root part. The tooth should never be rubbed or brushed while cleaning. At this time, you should store the extracted tooth in saline or milk. The chance of survival of the tooth, which is protected under appropriate conditions and placed in its place within 1 hour, is 90%.

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