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20 years and impacted teeth

20 years old teeth

20-year-old teeth last in the mouth
tooth and also the third molar tooth! It is also known as. It usually lasts between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. This interval may vary from person to person.

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It is an infection table especially caused by impacted wisdom teeth. It is defined as the infection of the soft tissues surrounding the crown of the tooth in semi-erupted teeth. The tooth is partially erupted.

The gingiva in the front of the tooth opens and the tooth comes into contact with the oral cavity. The posterior part is covered with gingiva. Foodstuffs can accumulate under the gingiva, which partially covers the tooth, and a suitable environment is created for the proliferation of microorganisms. If left untreated, it can occur in conditions characterized by severe pain, trismus (difficulty in mouth opening), bad taste in the mouth, swelling manifested by bad odor.

The treatment of teeth with pericoronitis is the extraction of the tooth after a certain period of antibiotic use in acute periods, and the extraction of the tooth in chronic periods without the need for antibiotic treatment.

What is an Impacted Teeth?

If there is not enough distance where the tooth should erupt, the tooth remains impacted. The gum covering the growth and eruption of the tooth may be blocked by bone or another tooth. Although most 20-year-old teeth remain impacted in the jaws, canines can remain impacted in premolars and lateral incisors.

Impacted teeth are painful and can lead to infection. They can damage the adjacent tooth or tooth root by pressing.

If embedded d!s! If the surrounding sac fills with fluid and begins to expand to form a cyst!
problems arise. As K!st grows
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to neighboring teeth and anatomical formations

they can cause permanent damage. Rarely cured! Tumor development from the untreated cyst wall! can be seen! Cure this condition! Requires much more serious surgical application.

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